The Sigrid Undset Society, SUS, was established on the initiative of Sigrid Undset-dagene, Norsk Litteraturfestival. The Sigrid Undset Society aims to further the interest in Sigrid Undset's authorship, and to support the activities of Norsk Litteraturfestival.

At Lillehammer, on Sigrid Undset's 115th birthday, a handful of enthusiasts founded a society carrying her name. The Sigrid Undset Society aims to include both those who read her books for pleasure and those who study her works for professional purposes, those who live far away and those whose adress is Lillehammer, those who are active volounteers at Lillehammer's annual literary festival, and those who want to give us their passive support. We have started this enterprise, not because Undset's authorship needs our assistance - the books of the Nobel Laureate will stay alive anyway through their thousands of readers -, but because we, her readers, so far have had no forum where we could get in touch with each other.

In an article Sigrid Undset wrote that when people meet in a shared fascination for a favourite writer, a "happy freemasonry" will grow up between them. It is just such a fellowship we invite Undset's readers to join us in, through cultural events, through the annual literary festival at Lillehammer, and through our newsletter "Gymnadenia".

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Annual events for members
•  Cultural event in November honouring the Nobel Laureate for Literature
•  Cultural event in March, Oslo (Aschehoug Publishing House)
•  A Sigrid Undset lecture during Norsk Litteraturfestival
•  Newsletter Gymnadenia – free
•  Programme for the literary festival – free

• Kirsti Johnson, leader of SUS
• Anne Marie Aubert, member
• Marit Borkenhagen, member
• Eva Hagen Haugen, member

Vice member:
• Sigrun Slapgard

• Hilchen Sundby
• Arnfinn Engen
• Berit Melkild

• Inger Veiteberg

Editorial staff, Gymnadenia:
• Liv Bliksrud
• Nan Bentzen Skille
• Benedicta Windt-Val
• Sigrun Slapgard

• Ellen Demmo

Sigrid Undset
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